Organic, single origin Cacao, Coconut & Vanilla Tea – made from the husks of the cacao beans from Samoa, and coconut and vanilla from the pacific tropics.


Living Koko Cacao has an aromatic light vanilla flavour with earthy tones combined with organic coconut flakes infused with organic vanilla.


Samoan Cacao from time passed to today is known as one of the best flavoured beans. Introduced to Samoa in 700AD by Pacific Island Voyages then cultivated commercially during the 18th century through the then German Samoan administration, the seedlings imported from Brazil and Madagascar loved the rich Samoan soil and developed their own style. An aromatic light vanilla flavour with earthy tones, a compliment to many recipes.


Living Koko has developed a relationship with Women in Business Development Inc. (WIBDI) of Samoa and Savaii Koko to source organic beans through their network of farmers prioritising Women farmers and domestic village plots.

Cacao Husk, Coconut & Vanilla Tea


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