"God help us to

live slowly

To move simply

To look softly

To allow emptiness

To let the Heart create for us.



3 Minute RECONNECT (Breathing Space) - 3Freya Bennett-Overstall
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Review of  Freya Bennett-Overstall's "3 Minute RECONNECT" recording on Insight Timer...

"There is no shortage of similar super-short exercises on IT, but this is among the best. Not a moment is wasted.

GREAT for beginners, but more experienced meditators can benefit from it too. Also lends itself to multiple listens." Ron Ehmke



All studio classes are currently suspended

(until 27th November).


The NEW Maitri Studio will be opening on 27th Nov 2020!


Casual M & M Class

involves poems/quotes, gentle & healing YIN yoga + guided meditation




11:00am - 12:10pm AEST / Melbourne Time


9:30am - 10:40am AEST / Melbourne Time


Please make your booking via the booking link button above & the Zoom link will be forwarded to you on the morning of your scheduled class, approximately 30mins - 1 hour before it starts.

OR Private Sessions

Please contact me directly on the 'Connect' form below if interested in booking a private session.


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"Dear Freya,
You have made a difference in my life. I use lots of your strategies in my daily life. I do deep belly breaths to get to bed sometimes. At camp I used so many of your strategies to fall asleep, to encourage myself to do activities and to calm down. The one strategy that works for me is deep belly breathing and when we bend our legs and put our hands in the air. My favourite activity was when we walked around in a circle (slowly). I'm very, very grateful that you were my mindfulness teacher/coach for 2017.
From Annabelle." (9 years old)
"Dear Freya, Thank you for being a great mindfulness teacher! Your sessions help me relax and be a better person. Love Will" (9 years old)
"Thank you Freya for doing meditation with us, it has really helped me with when I was stressed, sad, and frustrated. You helped me so much." - S (9 year old)
"Freya, you radiate peace and kindness and make the lessons so much more relatable.  Thank you so much!" - Jess (mother of 3)

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