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Blue Water

Current Practice Offerings

I acknowledge and thank all my teachers who have shared and practiced with me, so that I may share the following practices with you.

Yin Yoga & Meditation Class

Come fill your cup with a Yin Yoga & Meditation class. Classes involve poetry/quotes, seasonal syncing, gentle & deeply nourishing Yin Yoga, herbal tea & guided meditation (MBSM).

No experience is necessary. 

FeetUP Fun Class

The FeetUP trainer is the perfect partner for a playful Slow Flow sequence involving inversions.

Inversion benefits:

  • improve blood flow to the head and brain

  • help digestion and detoxification

  • relieve excess fluid in the legs

  • help build core strength

  • improve proprioception

  • energising

Class Video Hire

Previously recorded classes are available for you to practice with.

Current Seasonal Workshops, Wonder Full Women's Retreats, & Other Offerings

🍂 Attune & Bloom to Autumn 🍂

Seasonal Syncing Workshop with Freya

Friday 22nd September 2023

At ASANA GROOVE,  C. de Serrano, 40, 1D, 28001 Madrid, SPAIN

Please book via this link -

❤️ Heart Nourishing Workshop ❤️

Cacao + Pasifika Dance + Yin Yoga + Meditation

Saturday 14th Oct 2023

At Simply Pilates, 1/239 Bay St, Brighton, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Facilitated by Fipe and Freya.

More info & bookings via the button above

Wonder Full Women's Weekend Retreat, April 2024

Facilitated by Freya



Urban Winter Retreat 7 - 10th June 2024 

Facilitated by Thupten Lekshe, Yoga by Freya Bennett-Overstall.


Online Yin Yoga & Meditation Class via Insight Timer

Join a 'live' Yin Yoga & Meditation class with Freya from the comfort of your own home. Class bookings can be made directly with Insight Timer via the link button above. Insight Timer is the #1 FREE app for sleep, anxiety and stress. This is a donation-based class.

Advanced FeetUP Fun Class

These regular classes are for those who feel confident using a FeetUP trainer and inverting.

Guided Meditation Recordings on Insight Timer

Freya has many guided meditation recordings to choose from on Insight Timer to support you in your practice. Insight Timer is the #1 free app for sleep, anxiety and stress with more than 100K meditations led by the best teachers from Australia and the world.

Gratitude Received

Blue Water

Jess B (following a Beginners Fun FeetUP Workshop)

Freya it was so great! You are such a magician. I'm so grateful for the reminder to "go even slower" and that anything is possible when you have support!! Loved it, thank you.

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