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Podcasts & Interviews

You can listen to recent podcasts with Freya here.


Flow Artists Podcast

Jo was really excited to speak with Freya, since she loved her recent book "Wonder Full Women. Attune & Bloom. Eat, Move and Meditate with the Seasons."

Freya is trained as a Chiropractor, although as you’ll hear she had to stop practising in 2013 due to some serious health issues including MS.

Freya shares how she grew up practicing yoga, dance, meditation and tai chi, and trained as a yoga and meditation teacher to help her clients but then found new depths of these practices as part of her own rehabilitation and continuing self-care.

She discovered Yin yoga around this time, which incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine. Working with the meridian system forms the foundation of living within the rhythm of the seasons which she shares in her book, alongside wisdom traditions from many cultures - as well as a biomedical understanding of the body.

She articulates these complex ideas really clearly - and that is one of Jo's favourite aspects of the book, as well as the thread of joyfully embracing life, nature and our own nature which weaves it all together. There’s so much useful information in here for yoga teachers, and for anyone looking to understand their nature better. While there is an in-depth section on women's health, the advice and practices could be helpful for all genders and it’s all shared in an informative, rather than prescriptive way.

There was so much to talk about with Freya, including our mutual love of inversions, yin and chocolate, as well as ways to tap into joy and pleasure while living with chronic pain.

You First - RPPFM.COM.AU

Freya had a heartwarming chat with Maz O'Connor on her show - You First - on RPPFM 98.7 radio.

If you would like to listen to their whole conversation press the 'listen here' button above and you can fast forward to where Maz and Freya start their conversation together at 1:17:00. 

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