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Within this book Freya offers practices to help cultivate, calm, connection, wonder and well-being. It acknowledges and encourages women everywhere to recognise our interconnection with our precious planet and to all other beings. It is a practical guide that offers ways to eat, move and meditate with the seasons. It gifts us the means to attune and bloom.


Freya is a doctor of chiropractic, a mindfulness, meditation and yoga teacher, a mother, an author and a lifelong student. She embraces and shares the tools of science, ancient wisdom and intuition.




"This absolute gem of a book does a wonderful job of visiting ancient cultural wisdom and applying it to our modern consuming lives. It is a fantastic resource, providing practical tools for all women, to live a little healthier and perhaps a little happier 🙂." Jane Ferguson, BHSc CM and Nick Conquest, MCM, hosts of the podcast Talking Points with Nick and Jane


"A rich and immediately applicable resource for wellbeing, drawing on Freya's expansive and generous exploration of empowering wellness practices." Dr Georgie McClean, creative arts and media executive.


"This book is full of essential knowledge to live a happy life! Freya speaks from an embodied experience and a kind heart. This compassion comes through in her words and actions. I am so proud to see her joyfully sharing her love of the practice and walking the path. This beautiful book is just another way she is being of service to her family and community." Dustin Brown, yogi




Wonder Full Women. Attune & Bloom. Eat, Move & Meditate with the Seasons.

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