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Why Meditate? (Part 2)

Further to last weeks post (and class discussion) on why meditate, here is one of my favourite quotes from Joseph Campbell (by way of David Whyte) to help inspire us along our way.

"You must have place in your house or in your mind or a moment in your day where you can go, where you do not know what you owe anyone or what anyone owes you. And you do not know who you are married to and you do not know who your children are and you do not know what your career is. And you go there - not to leave any of those responsibilities behind - but to go to a place of first-hand remembrance, where you can sit back in conversation with yourself and have a real relationship with yourself.

And this will help you have a real relationship with your spouse, and children, and your work, and they won't feel as if they are a weight you are carrying."

And I would then like to follow up with another inspiring quote by Pema Chodron (beloved buddhist teacher, author, nun and mother) from her online course 'Living With Vulnerability' -

"Meditation is a process of developing an unconditional friendship with takes a lot of practice... it takes patience, kindness and a sense of humour to unravel and become friends with yourself."

I hope you find these helpful.

Many thanks,


Here is a link to Pema Chodron's online course "Living With Vulnerabilty" for those interested in further content.

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