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Here in Melbourne, Victoria, we are beginning to emerge out of lockdown. Melbourne has spent more time in lockdown than any other city in the world. I believe there have been positive and negative impacts but I'm not going to discuss these here. Instead, I would like to share some advice from one of my teachers, Thupten Lekshe. He shared this valuable advice on Saturday in our monthly Shamatha group-

"Protect yourself and ease out of lockdown."

I suggest treating yourself like a tender new flower bud emerging, slowly and cautiously raising petals to the sunshine. This emergence from lockdown also ties in with our current season of spring. Our energy is naturally rising and we can easily fall into the trap of going too hard and too fast. Do you need to rush out and catch up with ALL of your friends straight away? Can you ease into socialising and various appointments? This is a time to be more gentle and kind with yourself and others as we transition.

I wish you all the best with your practice.

x Freya

PS. Our Friday Mindful Movement & Meditation classes will remain online alongside in-studio classes to help with our transition. FeetUP classes will be in-studio. This will continue throughout term 4 unless new regulations deem otherwise.

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