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Here we are coming towards the end of Autumn, the time of year when nature shows us how beautiful it can be to let things go. Ironically, this week, I notice that I am clinging to autumn! (chuckle, chuckle) I love the colour of the leaves, the crisp mornings, the soft light, and drinking warm herbal teas at this time of year.

Leaves and fruit fall, seeds dry, and tree sap moves down into the roots. Everything in nature contracts and moves its essence inwards and downwards. It is easier to turn towards our practice and svadhyaya (self-inquiry and self-study) at this time.

During autumn, Taoism explains that our metal element, involving our Lung and Large Intestine meridians, is more vulnerable. Emotionally this can show up as a tendency to feel more grief, yearning, cloudy thinking, and/or being dogmatic and stuck in your way of perceiving things. I notice this in myself, with my yearning for autumn to stay a little longer. A yearning for the taste of the slower pace of life to take hold worldwide.

We have all experienced a challenging couple of years, yet good has also evolved from the challenge. The many lockdowns in Melbourne gave us a strong dose of slowing down. I notice there is a collective resistance to the previous busy pace that many of us ran before lock-down. Many of us are experiencing fatigue; post-viral, post-lock-down, and/or post-negative news overwhelm. For some, this has escalated to burnout.

As we navigate the 'new normal' I encourage you to go gently with yourself and others. Turn towards the lessons and support nature offers us. Spend time in nature and allow it to help you heal. Snuggle up and turn inwards during these cooler months.

I wish you all the best with your practice.

xx Freya


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