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Book Dedication: Who Is Caroline?

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Readers of my book have been asking who Caroline is...

Caroline was the special adult in my life who treated me as an equal.

Caroline danced with me, cooked with me and played with me. She listened to me, talked with me and hugged me. She sang with me, meditated with me and practiced yoga with me.

Caroline first took me to Brunswick St, Fitzroy, in the early 1980's, back when this humble Melbourne suburb started experiencing its creative renaissance. We drank hot drinks in the funky Black Cat Cafe and I felt so grown up!

Caroline hosted my 13th birthday party. Her house, situated on Caroline Street in Clifton Hill, was filled with a gaggle of teenagers. We watched ‘The Lost Boys’, ate pizza and sang and danced along to the latest LP’s played on her record player. Salt & Pepper ‘Push it Real Good’ was played many, many times 😁.

Caroline was the person who suggested going to see a Chiropractor when I was scared and feeling overwhelmed following a visit to an orthopaedic surgeon. He had recommended that I have surgery for my scoliosis, involving metal rods being permanently attached to my spine. Thank goodness my mum and I followed Caroline's advice.

Caroline was the person who sat down with me and helped me with my application to University, to study Chiropractic.

During my second year at university, yes - my application to study Chiropractic was successful, Caroline passed away due to a brain tumour. I am so grateful that Caroline was there for many of my early life milestones. She holds a big space forever in my heart. She was a wonderful wonder-filled-woman in my life.

A Caroline Reel

Do you have a special person or people who have had a positive impact on your life?

xx F


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