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The Attitude of Gratitude...

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

This week our online classes have been steeped in the theme of gratitude. We have been cultivating an attitude of gratitude.

Our brains have a negativity bias where bad news sticks like velcro, and good news slides off like a teflon non-stick pan. This is a survival mechanism. However, during these current challenging and topsy turvy times with the caronavirus there is SO much negative news and fear that we can easily fall in to a very negative and unhealthy mind set.

Thankfully our brains are neuroplastic, they can change. The more we use them in a certain way the stronger they get - "Neurons that fire together wire together". We need to re-wire our brains in positive ways (now even more than ever) to be able to flourish as an individual and as a community.

Some positive ways to re-wire your brain are:

Practising Gratitude


Listen to a favourite song / music and sing along

Read inspirational quotes / poems

Hug your pet/s and/or family members (that you are in lock-down with)

Cook your favourite meal/s

Watch a funny movie

Call up a good friend and have some laughs together

Be kind to yourself

Attached below is an inspirational quote by Melody Beattie and a poem by Kitty O'Meara (her helpful and creative response to the caronavirus). I shared both of these during our online classes this week, I hope you find them helpful too. I have also attached links to 2 of my guided gratitude practices which can be found on Insight Timer (which is a free App) - and a link to the class video rental for this weeks recorded class 'YIN yoga + Gratitude Practice'.

I wish you all the best with your gratitude practice.

Many thanks,

Freya xx

PS. If you find the guided practices on Insight Timer helpful please leave a review or rating.


By Melody Beattie

And the people stayed home…

By Kitty O’Meara

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