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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

I have spent the last week teaching from the new studio and it has been lovely... but I have to admit I have been feeling a little lonely in there. (Due to COVID restrictions all my current classes are taught via Zoom.)

I'm looking forward to being able to share the space with others, hopefully in November (fingers and toes crossed). It is going to look a little different when we come together in this new space, with more space between mats and recording equipment on the mat. I had a little play in the new space during the week and it will look a little like this when we are able to return to practice in person together...

When we are able to return to practice in person together there will not be any pink mats supplied. Anyone wanting to attend a class in the studio will have to bring their own mat and yoga equipment. (I will give you more details & options on equipment once we have an "opening date".)

Please offer any feedback or requests regarding coming back to practice in person versus continuing to practice at home with live-streamed classes (in the comments section below or via email). Would you like to return to studio classes? Would you prefer to stay with online classes? Is there any particular themed class / a particular part of the body/mind practice focus you would like to be shared?

Wishing you all the best with your practice,

x F

PS. The garden and surrounding areas of the studio are still being worked on...stay tuned for more photos.

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Hi Freya, The new studio looks amazing. It would be great to do the class with you in person but I live in Surrey Hills, So it is more convenient for me to continue with online classes. Cheers Catherine

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