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What is Qigong? And What is YOQI®️?

Updated: 7 days ago

What is Qigong?


The word “qi” can be translated as energy, or life force energy. The word “gong” can be translated as developing expertise and/or skill. Hence the Chinese word “qigong” can be translated as developing skill and expertise in working with our life force energy. Qigong was developed in China thousands of years ago, and comes from ancient Taoism.


Qigong involves energy cultivation and balance.


What is YOQI®️?

YOQI®️ is not a soft self-serve ice cream found in Melbourne 😉. YOQI®️ is a combination of qigong and yoga, two of the most time-tested mind-body-spirit practices still current today. YOQI uses a style of qigong called Qigong Flow which is meditation in motion.

I recently completed my YOQI®️ Associate Instructor Certificate in Koh Samui. You may be able to find me in the photo above, pictured with YOQI®️ Associate Instructors from all over the world.

"YOQI helps people develop the skills to become active participants in the state of their own energy. With YOQI you learn how to remove resistance to the flow of energy so you can tap into your own source of effortless power. “- Marisa Cranfill, founder of YOQI.


There are four foundations to a YOQI practice.

·      Feel Your Qi

·      Move Your Qi

·      Refine Your Qi

·      Maintain Your Qi


YOQI is designed to train you how to effectively sense, feel, transform and work with qi. It is different to other qigong forms because it involves yoga practices and the 6 phases of qi flow – Attune, Purge, Tonify, Grow, Circulate, and Integrate. This marries together so well with how I teach FeetUp Fun, and Yin Yoga & Meditation classes. For those of you who have my book - "Wonder Full Women, Attune & Bloom" - you may notice the similarities and our compatibility.


"YoQi method follows the Six Phases of Qi flow. It is a complete system of energy regulation based on classic Qigong principles. Qigong flows come from medical, spiritual and martial forms. This method was created from over 25 years of training in Asia. I believe this is the best course on the market, not just because of the depth of information, but the global healing community we are creating. You can watch the testimonials, read my bio and contact our students for testimonials." - Marisa Cranfill

YOQI®️ Qigong Classes at Maitri Studio Brighton start this week, hooray! It is ideal to practice qigong on an empty stomach, in soft comfortable clothes, and without metal jewellery on. (Gold is apparently OK to practice with.) It is also advised not to shower for 30-60 minutes following a qigong class, as it can disrupt the qi.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

With love,


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