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How often do you practice yoga at home?

If you are joining an occasional online class you can make do with some blankets, a box of tissues or a thick hard cover book or two, a pile of pillows and a long scarf or belt.

But if you plan to start a regular practice at home it is so worth investing in some yoga props, they can make a big difference to your practice and your comfort.

Below is a list of some providers available in Australia who provide online purchasing + delivery -

Stretch Now, EMP Industrial and iYoga Props stock every yoga and meditation prop you can think of and possibly some you didn't even know about -

Lululemon stocks yoga mats and some other accessories (along with the latest funky active wear).

FeetUP trainers are now shipped to Australia (yay!). I love my FeetUP trainer, not only does it allow me to invert safely and easily it is also great for core strength, balance, and slowly building back up my arm and shoulder strength.

Personally I use a good quality mat, FeetUP trainer (photo below incase you're not sure what a FeetUP trainer is) , organic cotton bolster, foam blocks, cotton strap, foam roller and blankets at home....but I do practice every day.

Any questions? You're welcome to leave a comment below.

I wish you all the best with your practice

xx Freya

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